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Each village has a gram sabha made up of people in an area over the age of 18 and are citizens of India. The gram sabha is represented by a panchayat and elects a president who is the sarpanch. The panchayat is further divided into wards, smaller areas with its own representatives or ward panchs. Together the ward panchs and the sarpanch make up the gram panchayat.There is a panchayat at the village, intermediate and district level. In states with population below 20 lakhs, there would be panchayats at the village and district level only. Members of the panchayat (five in number) would be elected by the people. The panchayat would be headed by the sarpanch or village headman.The panchayat can plan and implement schemes related to agriculture, cottage industries, fisheries, rural housing and electrification, clean drinking water for all, poverty alleviation, adult education, health and sanitation, and welfare of the weaker sections such as remote forest tribes in their area.
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Gram panchayat is a group of 5 people
Panch means 5
It is a branch of government in which people of village vote and select 5top people who would take care of the village people and would solve their problems. These 5people are called the member of gram panchayat. And these 5people discuss and select one out of them eho would be the leader among them and would take the most important decisions. That one selected person is called sarpanch of the village