School is a place where you learn to read and write, make friends, learn from your mistakes and work hard to improve yourself.It's a place where you not only get education, but you also get the traits of being a good person or citizen of your country. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are many ways in which you can make your school a happy place. (But as you should write it by yourself am here providing you some points which you may use while writing your composition) - Treat everyone with respect- your classmates,teachers and senior students.Never treat anyone inferiorly or make fun of anyone.Accept everyone and don't tease them if they are different from you.Be humble and polite - Help keep your school clean.Don't throw litter here and there and volunteer to clean up the mess, so the peons and sweepers won't have to clean them up again and again which will keep them happy. - Greet and acknowledge people.Smile and say Good morning to any teacher you see or say a hello to your classmates as well as the cleaning people as they, in no way are beneath you. - Take a stand against bullying.Be sure you reprt it when you see someone being bullied or not treated right.Help that child and be friends with him/her .-Get involved in extracurricular activities.Take advantage of all opportunities provided at school .- If a student hurts you by saying anything you don't like, be polite and tell them that is not a good thing to say rather than starting a fight. - School is hard and a lot of students struggle with their own problems there.They don't share it with others.If you work out to solve problems in your life or in your friends' then you can surely make your school a better and happy place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improving and making the school a happy place means improving the atmosphere and relationship between student and adults.It is not hard to make your school a happy place but it requires vigilance. If each individual vigilantly,then the school, gradually and more quickly gets a happier place.
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