i m the citizen of India and I am glad to be born here. I keep some thoughts , national security, affordable medical services, safe  environment for women, pollution free environment, free of corruption to name a few. But  my greatest wish is no one should be poor in the country. I feel ashamed when I see young children begging and working at shops or houses rather going to school. It is really painful to see these kids spending their precious time working for their livelihood instead of investing it in getting education to have a bright future. Government has taken so many initiatives to attract the children to schools like providing free books, free uniform and free meals for those who come to school. Despite of these initiatives still many children are not getting benefited from these. I will make  education for all. I wish every one could live life happily where in some incentive can be given to those families which have all their children attending school on regular basis. i will donate my pocket money to help more people. 
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my wish for my country is that there should be no poverty and every one should have education and good knowledge. in my country many people starve for days because they don't have enough have money to buy because of poverty. many people don't have work because they are not educated which is really a bad luck for us and even them. my country is yet developing and sometimes it goes very slow because of this poverty. so I wish that there should be no poverty in country at all.
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