1.Eraser is the best invention in the world.

2.It is used to correct all the mistakes we have done in our writnigs.

3.without eraser we should waste so much so much of paper for just writing our personal diary.

4.It is also used to do some crafted items.

last but not the least

5.It erases everything except our past.

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ss wth the help of a ink eraser don't research on facts
good answer..
1-Erasers allow us to correct mistakes, and mistakes are correctable. Everyone makes mistakes. You have to erase them, and let go of the mistake. 2 – Erasers give us the power to adjust, and our best work requires adjustments and updates. Your plans absolutely must be written down, and they need to be written in pencil. The world and your situations will change. The eraser will help you be more flexible and adaptable. 3 – Erasers give us a safety net, and remind us that the pressure isn’t as great as we might think. Think about it, if you do a math assignment in pen, the pressure is on to get the answers right the first time. This is not an excuse for doing poor work, but having an eraser does take off some of the pressure. 4 – Erasers invite us to edit, and results of a second (or third) draft are almost always better. If you don’t succeed (or succeed as completely as you hoped), the eraser lets you make edits and try again. 5 – Erasers erase the past, and help us focus on what’s next. Yes, you must learn from the past, but you must be forward focused. it erases well enough that you CAN focus on what’s next.
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