THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Students of  the Rajakesavadas NSS Higher Secondary School at Sasthamangalam conducted a science exhibition at the school on Wednesday. Students from the higher secondary and Upper Primary section  put up an array of exhibits at exhibition organised in the school auditorium. There were a number of working models on display as part of the exhibition.  One among them was a model depicting a modern form of water recycling. Some of the models were notable. One of them was a model of an Electrostatic Smoke Precipitator made by Rajath, a Class XII student. The model consisted of a battery connected to a chimney-shaped tube. When fire is lit to a wire at one end, the smoke enters inside the tube and later precipitates.  Said Rajath:  “This is a very important and useful model to reduce smoke emissions from factories. I want more people to be aware of such a method.”  There were also releases containing information about different kinds of plants. Among the other models on display were hydraulic brake system based on Pascal’s law and a model demonstrating generation of lava. There was also model of demonstrating the properties of curd when mixed with food colour.  There was