Today, there are many charitable opportunities for donors to invest their money in. One of the
largest areas in need of financial support is education for women. Girls are often unable to get
secondary education because of the poverty and gender bias they face. Often young girls are
required to work to sustain the families financially. 52% of women in India never receive
secondary education and are married at a young age (UNICEF). In researching whether there is
an economic return on investment in philanthropy particularly for education for women I focused
my research on Udayan Shalini Fellowship. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship is a program that
provides underprivileged girls with the higher education through financial and social support.
The girls are inducted in the program for 5-6 years through which they get financial support and
guidance to help them handle the socio cultural aspects of the world they face in their careers.
The growing number of organizations and the steady number of donor’s causes these charitable
organizations to be analyzed and evaluated based on what socio-economic benefits it brings to its
subjects. Donors are looking for a return on their investment, hence wanting to invest in a
philanthropic charity that is committed putting the donations to good use. Today, philanthropic
organizations are being evaluated on their purpose, transparency, and ability to demonstrate
results to create a better future. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) is a great example of a
philanthropic organization that is able to multiply their investments when providing education
for underprivileged girls.
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