no its bad for human health as its make may negative effects on a human being 
                they possess saturated fats, high calories and levels of sodium, little to no nutrition, and are extremely processed. this is your body's worst nightmare 
                                          and also 
by this we 
gain a lot of weight and , can even develop diseases, or high blood pressure for instance, etc.         
                             and due to these diseases even a man can DIES .
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? but can be had in parties
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You can have junk food but not in regular intervals.......
but if u have excess(too much) of it is bad........
as elders always say''excess of anything is not good'' 
so control on having too...much junk food and snacking :)
and back to your question..............i would say its neither of good or bad but just control on having it or else it can be harmful for your body and only then it is bad....
thats all i had to say:) hope i answered your question and good luck;-)
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it can be had sometimes like in parties