Many students, rather than sorting out the problem start fighting and arguing upon silly things. If we see our friend being pushed by a senior student first of all tell the senior not to do so and respect him as he's a senior and you shouldn't act the way he does.Every problem has a solution so just you need to be calm and polite. You know, as the senior is much more stronger than you, it is useless to fight with him and if you do, you will only hurt yourself.So be wise and if the just ignores it and makes fun of you or repeats his actions again, the best thing you can do is to report the teacher.Yes, he may start you blackmailing that if you complain, I will do this that ...but if you don't complain the problem will get even worse. But if you aren't sure what to do..Ask your parents they will surely find some ideal way to get out of the situation. Yours parents may contact the teacher and get the bully punished.After getting punishments most children improve and don't repeat them again.But remember if torturing or bullying is a bad thing, letting the torture happen to you is even a bad thing.
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awesome...fantastic...and all those sort of words
Thank U a lot Soha! :)
I would have written a letter to the Principal about it because there will be done something to stop bullying because you know pen is mightier than the sword!!!
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