1.What value of 't' would make the expressions 4t+5 and -t + 15 equal?
2.Solve 2m - 10=7m - 15+5
3.Two less than four times a number is the same as the number plus 34.Find the number.
4.AB=DB,AC=AC.State the three pairs of equal parts in ΔABC and ΔDBC. Is ΔABC is congruent to ΔDBC? Justify your answer.
5.If the line segments AB and CD bisect each other at O,then using SAS congruence rule prove that ΔAOC is congruent to ΔBOD.
6.ΔABC and ΔCDB are right triangles,right angled at A and D,respectively.If AC=DB,prove that ΔBAC is congruent to ΔCDB.
Plz help me guys at least answer the questions you know and help me its urgent.



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First ques. answer is 2
4t+5 = -t+15
=>4t+t = 15-5
=>5t = 10
=>t = 10\5
=>t = 2
2 3 2
-10 is canceled both sides
1 2 1