I am river Ganga and I am writing my autobiography.

As a river I am known to all of you. I was generated from the Himalayas – thousands of years ago. It is said in mythological story that I was born inside the hollow cavity of Lord Shiva’s matted hair.

Since the date of my birth I am always in motion. The current that flows in my upper course is very strong and here I jump very high up my natural level. My middle course begins from Hardwar. My body remains very much extended and I maintain a slow motion when I am in the plains. Before I mingle into the sea I pass though many fields and gardens, villages and towns.

Large towns and cities have been built on my banks. A few among them are being used as the main centers for education and culture, also trade and commerce. Many holy towns are situated on my banks and thousands of people come here to pay homage to their deities in days of holy festivals. Hundred of pilgrims bathe in my holy water in great devotion. I am worshipped by thousands of people as they regard me as their deity. Boats, steamers, ships and many other water carriages ply along my body.

In time of rainy season my body wells and I overflow the banks causing flood. I am so much ancient that even I myself do not know my actual age. I am the witness of many people to be born in this world and depart from there. But I am immortal.

I am the River Ganga. I rise from the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas and cross the Siwalik range near Hardwar. I am swift and full of current in the upland. As I enter the plain land I become slower. My sister Yamuna joins me at Allahabad. Other rivers which join me are the Gomti, Ghaghara, Gandak and Kosi. Chambal and Betwa, the tributaries of Yamuna also come and join me. I flow with renewed vigor as the Son and the Damodar meet me. Then I turn south-east and flow into West Bengal and Bangladesh. Here I divide into small distributaries and form the Sundarban delta. At last my journey ends as I enter the Bay of Bengal.I am a sacred river to the Hindus. They worship me. I am used for industrial and domestic purposes. You utilize me for transport and irrigation facilities. I am your friend. I make your land fertile by depositing slit on my bed. But when I am angry I flood your lands. You are trying to harness me by erecting dams. But you are also polluting me. If you want me to serve you for your benefit, check my pollution. Remember, men will come and go but I will go on forever. So save me for the future generation.
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