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I guess the alpha particles wouldn't pass through as easily as it did when the gold foil was used as other metals are comparatively stronger/denser/thicker.
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the alpha particles will pass through the foil and only few got deflected.
he asked what if we replace the gold foil with another metal
and as the thinnest sheet was required gold foil was chosen
whereas other metals would be thick
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the observation's with gold foil are :
1. he saw that all most all the alpha particles pass straight through the gold foil.
2. only some of the alpha particles got deflected in very small angles.
3. rarely a only few got deflected by the larger angles.
4. because of the space inside the atom all most all particles pass through gold foil.
the observations with other metals :
 the alpha particles may or mat not pass though the metal. but I guess they can pass through  the metal because of the space inside the atom. I can say this because of the experiment carried by the Ruther ford. so I think the particles may not scatter and just pass through the metal.
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so my answer is correct.
some what not fully
ans . is same as the experiment
yeah I know
ur observation with other metals is wrong