He was a ruler of mewar ,a region in north western India ,in present day state of Rajasthan, his horse name was chetak he ruled mewar from 1572-1597 that is for 25yrs he died on 29-01-1597
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Life of Maharana PratapMaharana Pratap also known as Pratap Singh  was son of Maharani Jayantabai and King Udai Singh II founder of Udaipur who was  a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a region in the  state of Rajasthan. He was born  on 9 May,1540 . Maharana Pratap is known for his bravery . For Maharan pratap  Mughals were  foreigners who had invaded India and that is why he hated them and dont’t want any ties with them . He want to free his nation from Mughals.  He  mastered the skills in the use of arms and weapons including horse riding.MarriageAt the age of 17 Maharana Pratap was married to Ajabade, the daughter of Rao Ram Rakh Panwar. He had a son on 16 March, 1559.Chittorgarh  and Maharana PratapIn 1567 emperor Akbar attacked Chittorgarh, Maharana Udai Singh left Chittorgarh as Akbar was having huge army at that time . So Pratap also had to leave the palace with his family.With the fort fell to the hands of Akbar. He not only ordered to kill innocent  women and children but also hurt sentiments of Hindus by destroying the temples and idols in the fort of Chittogarh.The First AttackMaharana Pratap first demonstrated his bravery by attacking the Vagadiya Chauhans. In this battle Maharana Pratap won and  a large part of Vagad was combined in Mewar.
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