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                    monsoon :- the name what always provoked me. It takes me back to my childhood. The rainy days in which I saw the earth in freshness after having a long bath after all .The youth which filled all around. Black devils who took our king always created a sigh in our hearts. We little ones feared of their roaring . But when we see our king crying soon after that , our little hearts goes paining
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When moonsoon come i exclaimed with joy . always the days be cloudy . when i have to go anywhere and the drizzle started and i start hurriying with all the other people Soon the drizzle turned to heavy showers and the road was completely wet with water, running.  I took a shelter and looked around.Some children were dancing and jumping with joy. One small boy was trying to float a little paper boat. Cars and buses were the rain stop i finish my work then after i reach my home I looked out of window it again started raining. Then I thought, in India the rainy season had lasted from June to September.During this time the sky is covered with dark clouds. We can also hear the thundering sounds and see the lightening. From my balcony i saw a peacock dancing in the crystal drizzling rain. It looked breath taking.
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