A great leader once said - " If you want to change the world , start with yourself . " That man was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi .

What is a society ? It is the physical & psychological ecosysytem that we share with fellow human beings at a fundamental level of locality . In fact its easier to confirm the quality of anyobject by examining the quality of its components . This algorithm also decided how well structured and well maintained a society is .

Since we make up the society , thus our interaction with the world illuminates the greater objective of our society.
If we look into statistics , its easier to conclude that most criminals originate from disturbed socites which didnt get the chance to develop and progress with others . And on the other hand a good society is characterised by its well educated individuals .

Thus my well being indeed reflects the well being of my society and vice versa. Before judging others and comparing them with ourselves. We should first introspect and if required mould ourselves to becomes the ideal man for the society .
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