My most desirable ambition is to become a successful heart surgeon (heart specialist/doctor). nowadays people faces many types of heart problems. heart is a very weak part of our body. most of the heart problems are caused by pollution. the air we inhale is polluted very badly. heart problems are mostly faced by economically and financially poor peoples. they don't have much money to care themselves. i want to be a doctor who help the poor people. who without money can help them or treat them well.

hope it is helpful.... 
if I were a doctor I would first help all the poor so that they can get free health check up and even medicines. I would help all the people so that they can get a help from me and they would not suffer from any of the disease and they would not die easily any time. I would like to help all the people as much as I can and would give them free treatments every time. every time I look at poor people and their health condition I would feel very bad and would be thinking how could I help them that too for free.