Jumman Sheikh and Alagu Choudhary were very good friends. Jumman had an aunt and did bad behaviour to her. When it was the time of a hearing in the panchayat and when the aunt chose Alagu as the panch Jumman thought that Alagu as being his best friend will be in his favor. But Alagu could not go with wrong and he declared Jumman wrong and told him to give his aunt her property back. 
This decision of Algau broke their friendship. Now obviously Jumman was looking for a chance to declare Alagu wrong. 
Jumman got a chance when a Sahu cheated with Alagu and chose Jumman as the panch. But Jumman realised that Panch is equal to God and it is not correct to take favor of a wrong person in a wish to take revenge. They both became friends again.
And so the story is all about - "GOD LIVES IN HEART OF THE PANCH"
This suggests that any relation can not come between justice.

Hope this helps:)
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