Digital Technology is a very good step to make our country more modernized, more successful. digital technology is improving our country's health, wealth &      reputation. through DIGITAL INDIA CAMPAIGN our honorable PM SHRI NARENDRA DAMODAR DAS MODI is also wanted the citizens to be aware on this topic. digital technology will also help our unemployed brothers and sisters to get good paid jobs. it can result to many good highly paid jobs in our country.

i had just tried to give you an example.....may be it can help u.....

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yeah digital technology has and had improved our living and even life conditions now a days. technology is used  in all most all the aspects in our life now a days. the technology is a very good thing for us to use in the development of the citizens and even the country. we can use the technology in many fields like public transport and even all other things in which all the common people depend on at that time our country even the citizens can develop more and more. my country would be more developed when we use the technology and it would be more beneficial for every one. 
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