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If friends are angry then to make them happy give them a gift which they will love. or u could make a card quoting "Sorry" for what happened. u could dedicate a song on the card like the new latest JB's song- sorry . it would be gr8 and ur frnd will be happy. u could make him/her happy this way.

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nice..  I'll try it. :)
ya try it :)
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first your try to convince them and let them clam down as much as you can. I advise you that don't do all the filmy styles of giving sorry and asking them to forgive you. you can ask your friend the problem and then you  can sit together and solve down the problem at least at that time you can interact with him/her.  many people think that other one should come and say them sorry and the same other one also think and like this the friendship would deplete. this happened to me also so please go faster and request your friend.
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ok and srry once again pls dont feel bad
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