I was just returning from school with my friends chating when my eyes fell on an aged visually impaired man. he was trying to cross the road we  helped him to do so and asked him if we could do any thing else for him but he refused and blessed us. but i had to much of curiosity so i asked directly that was he blind when he was born or something else happened so he told that he was very rich man and he was blinded by his own son for money i asked who cared for him he replied that he never ate any thing properly he ate snacks and went off to sleep. we took him to a house where some people cared for handicapped people he was very happy there

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I was coming from my school by foot. and i was with my friends . i was enjoying with them a lot. Then i saw a visually impaired man dashed me. by looking that me and my friends felt very bad for the man . then we asked the man that where he lived and who is there at his home. than the old man answered at very low voice that he stays at village. and the village was very far away from our home . than we thought that we should not leave the man alone. then we decided to leave the man at his home . my friends were little it scared of their parents but they didn't care of any one .and we started going to that place as the place was so far we decided to go their by a van . then we took a van and started going . after reaching that place we were not having enough money to pay the fair . but fortunately we didn't take our tiffin that day and our money was with us even then the amount was less but we managed . then the man told us that now we have to walk 1 km more . then we reached the man at his home. his family members was blessing us .than we returned our home it was so late our arents was so angry as we told the reason they were so proud of us
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