You found a book from the school library lying of one of the table on class at the end of the gave it to the class monitor to handle it over the class teacher however he has misplaced it and is unable to return it.discuss with your partner. questions
a)what you and monitor will need to do?
b)how you will resolve this situation?



monitor and you should tell all truth to ur teacher.
u cant blame him as well as he cant blame you its not your both fault
but if the guy who left his book blames you
then u can point him as careless

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say some more please
how long u want?
If the monitor has misplaced it somewhere, that can be a serious problem as you don't know if the book might be of a student who forgot it there or can be of anyone and the most important thing is it's the property of school library.So the best thing to do is to tell the teacher (or librarian) about the misplacement and apologize for it. The teacher of course, may scold you and your friend for such irresponsibility but, it's far more useful than just keeping it a secret and hiding it.

After apologizing you need to ask the children if anyone of them had left the book on their table and forgot about it.Then ask the child which book was that and pay the whole amount of that book to the librarian so that they will buy another one.But before you do that make every possible effort to find that misplaced book, whether in school or in monitor's home and make it sure there's no way to get the book back. 
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