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As a Citizen of India my duties are...

Here I have provided some important points which you may include in your composition but it completely depends on you)

a country with diversity in religions,cultures and traditions, this factor makes it very special from other countries and we, the citizens of India can really be proud of this.So, being a responsible citizen what are our duties?

As India is developing it's been taken off by many factors like corruption, pollution, high population, intolerance etc.But being responsible citizens did we ever try to stand up and do our bit rather than just blaming the government and it's failures? Unfortunately the answer is no...which makes the matter even worse.

But nevertheless we should remember that we citizens are the ones who are solely responsible for making our country better and for this we should always do our duties first.Remember “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” And by taking this small steps in everyday life we can follow our duties of being responsible citizens.We are all aware of Fundamental duties.It would be great if we follow our fundamental duties as per as the constitution.We should always follow these duties as they are the duties of every citizen of our country.


So let's take a look at some of our important duties which we should follow- 

1.Never throw plastic bags or packets on the roads as it makes it look bad.
Keep your locality clean and volunteer to clean up the trash and litter at your place.

2. Never spit or pee on monuments, walls or buildings. Protest if you see anyone doing this.

3.Obey the laws and respect authorities.Never break the rules and refrain others from doing so.Following laws is good for you and other people also.

4.Be aware of the issues in your locality and find solutions to them.

5.Respect all religions, caste and their sentiments.Never treat anyone unequally.

Always be vigilant and never make your mind biased towards something.While voting it's our duty to vote the political party which will really work out on their promises.

7.Pay taxes on time.

8.Don't waste petrol,electricity,water or other natural resources.Work out to spread awareness regarding them.

9.Don't believe in superstitions.

10.Help the poor and needy people in each possible way.

11. Be honest to each and every citizen of India.Being honest to everyone will leave a good impact on them about our country.Never cheat anyone.

12.We should develop a deep sense of patriotism for our country.Always contribute for the welfare of the country.

13.Value public property, the rich heritage and culture of our country.

14.Protect and improve the natural environment including forests,rivers,lakes,wildlife.Don't make them dirty.


That's it....You can add and subtract some other responsibilities and the above was just an idea about what the essay could be like.Last but not the least, with these simple steps in our day to day life we can make our country a better place to live and keep our country at the top.

Even if just half of the grown up population of India starts maintaining cleanliness and obey the laws properly,work out for the development of the country rather than just blaming the government we can make a  big difference.