Your school doesnot have playground and many students wish there should be one. They play close to the roads .This has caused many problems in the past ..? Write a conversation between two frndzz on this problem..?

but how to write abt arrangements?
Like its solution on it...that how to that only
Plz..give quickly...its urgent..!
Is anybody giving or not ?


I think school should take care of the studends and make a playground in the school for the students
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Is this a conversation?
No...i need a conversation
well..... i gave a conversation
A: hey what's up?
B: nothing bro.
A: this is too much!
B: exactly.
A: whom do we tell our problems? where do we play?
B: yup,I know what are you talking about.
A: idea!
B: what?
A: can we talk to our principal sir? would it be alright?
B: yup! awesome idea bro!
They both talk to the principal sir an d convince him. he was hardly pleased and planned to build a playground of about 40 sq m.
A: oh!!! finally!
B: yeah! we are successful!
A: no more adjustment.....
B: we are free!!
They call all their friends and gave a go.....
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