Jago Grahak Jago is a consumer awareness programme from Ministry of Consumer Affairs,government of India.As part of this initiative, the government has used multiple channels to create consumer awareness. Print media advertisements, Audio Campaigns, Video Campaigns are being used for consumer information and education about initiatives like Insurance Ombudsman channel.
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Consumer is the real deciding factor for all economic activities. It is now universally accepted that the extent of consumer protection is a true indicator of the level of progress in a nation. The growing size and complexity of production and distribution systems, the high level of sophistication in marketing and selling practices and forms of promotion like advertising, etc. have contributed to the increased need for consumer protection.The Consumer Protection Act, 1986(External website that opens in a new window) is the most important legislation enacted to provide for effective safeguards to consumers against various types of exploitations and unfair dealings. This Act was amended in 2002 in the form of Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, 2002(External website that opens in a new window) with some important inclusions.