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Child labor means forcing a child to do certain works and jobs. this is a curse to the society as children are the future of the world. whatever they are learning now, they will act and do to improve our country in future. but due to the work they are forced to do, they are not able to attend schools. they cannot study, and if it is so, then how can they learn and become good person and serve the country in future.they have to study to build their life, to become settled and successful, but because they are engaged in works, they cannot do anything they want. they cannot even do what they like too. this is really bad as everyone has right to do what they want. we have to stop child labor for all, for everyone and their future. if it is not stopped, then the society is going to be in grave danger.
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Its a curse to society because children are the future of our nation and they need to gain knowledge in spite of earning money. If each child of our country will be educated our country will gain progress and its maximum people will be literate.
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