firsty  the  axises  of  planets  are  set  around  the  sun  and  secondly  if  the  planets will revolve  around  the  black  hole  its  power  of  attraction  i  mean  its  pulling  power  will  pull  the  planets  into  it  so  it  might  be  possible  that  the  planets  have   revolved  around  it  but  were  not  able  to  stay  revolving  for   a  long  time  .
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We think that a black hole can form when a very massive star collapses at the end of its lifetime. Stars become like our sun because of energy from nuclear reactions going on deep inside the star. They convert hydrogen to helium, and that gives off energy, which becomes light. Once that hydrogen is used up, they can start using helium in their nuclear "furnaces." But eventually any star will run out of "fuel." Stars like our sun will collapse and become a "white dwarf." But very massive stars ten times heavier than our sun have such strong gravity that when they collapse they can't stop. Everything in the star collapses to a tiny point that still has the mass and gravity of the star but no longer shines. In fact the gravity is so strong that even light can't escape. That is why we call it a black hole. If you could visit a black hole (don't get too close!), you would probably see a black "ball" a few miles across