A hero is not the one who can jump over high walls and walk through fire.A hero lies within each one of us.It is just that most of the times we fail to discover the hero.
We often admire film stars and sports persons.This is because we see them as heroes.
Then what about the hero who lies deep inside our soul?!We must discover that hero by our own.Now arises the question,how can we discover the hero???
The answer is quite simple.First of all ,we have to search for the talents that we are having.There is not a single person in this whole world who is not having a breathtaking talent within.Once we are able to know the talent,the next step is to build up the talent.Just like watering a plant to grow it ,we have to cherish our talents in order to bring out the superhero that is within us.
We should never consider ourselves as something inferior.We have to love our self.If we fail to love our self,then nobody will be able to do that.Once we started lovingĀ ourselves we will automatically care for us and thus try to get very good use of all the god given talents
By doing all of these we will be able to discover the hero within our self.

Hope you like it!
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