U should immediately pick it up and visit a vet and tell him to cure his injury as kindness pays a lot. Then u can go for your exam. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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I always love animals. i will leave my school for one day but absolutely take that kitten to a vet. of course if i will tell the reason, then maybe i will not be scolded., but if others are not helping and i will also not help, then what will be the difference between us. i will also be called a selfish person who cannot help a poor animal.we humans are having brain and strength, to help other helpless organisms. it is our duty. we should not leave a chance to help anyone. if one day we will be late, nothing too bad will happen. but if i didn't helped that kitten, then it can even loose its life.what is the fault of that kitten.
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my exams are also to important i cant miss exam