Anything in the environment which we can used is called a natural resource.Some of our important natural resources are :

1)Forest and Wildlife
3)Coal and Petroleum

The natural resources are a tool of development for human beings.We need to first conserve what we have left and to do that the call of the day is to use these natural resources responsibly.We need to conserve and manage these resources because these natural resources of the earth are limited.And for this we should have a proper management for long term point of view.We must all join hands to resort these in our efforts to preserve our natural resources. We must all do our best in conserving.We should use CNG in our vehicle even we can use public transport buses.We should switch off unnecessary electrical instruments. We all can make preservation happen.The natural resources should be used judiciously so that they fulfill the needs of present generation as well as future generations.

Hope this helps:)
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