Adaptation of a mango tree is -:
deep tap roots
tough leaves
true fruits
Deep Tap Root
The mango plant consists of a long tap root that can reach up to 6 feet deep. 

Tough Leaves
Mango leaves are equipped with a thick outer cuticle to prevent water and nutrient loss. 

As a member of the phylum Anthophyta, the mango tree produces flowers to attract pollinators. 

True Fruits
The mango tree produces true fruits, which protect the mango seed found at the center. 

Resin Ducts
These ducts, found on mango stems, prevent the plant from wilting in extended periods without rain.

Irregular Fruiting Patterns and Fruit Drop
Depending on the environmental conditions, the mango plant will release its fruit at varied times. 

Hypotrophic Lenticels
The mango has developed a unique method to deal with periods of flooding.  In cases of high water


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