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"Corruption is Social Evil".
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute
power corrupts absolutely."
In recent centuries,India is being one
of the three most corrupted countries
in the world.You can estimate how sad
the situation of India is.In India most of
the part is corrupted just because of
politicians.the one who should stop
corruption is corrupting the country now.
then , not only politicians ..........also people
in higher positions are taking a lot of
money to do their that fair?some
people don't have any other chance
that they should give the money to them.
but who is going to stop this?is it happened
by 1 person?it is impossible.but it should
 start with one person.if at least three out
of five people think like this , can anyone
else proceed corruption?let's try to stop
 this because there are many disadvantages
 with this.the rich become richer but nothing
to poor.they know the problem with corruption.
let's try to help the country.let's try to protect
 and develop the country..........

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