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Electrolysis is a process in which direct electric current (DC) is used to carry out a non-spontaneous chemical reaction.
Here Electrolyte must be in molten state and two electrode is used, cathode (reduction reaction occurs) and anode ( oxidation reaction occurs).
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could have mentioned that electrolyte can has to be in molten state or in its aqueous solution.
i have written...see..must be in molten state :)
but also in its aqueous solution
but its okay!!! chill!!!
okey :)
Electrolysis is the process of chemical decomposition of an electrolyte either in the fused state or in an aqueous solution or in a dissolved state in a suitable solvent by the passage of direct current through it.The process of electrolysis takes place in a vessel called electrolytic cell or voltameter.Two conductors are dipped in the electrolyte and are called electrodes.The one which is connected to the positive terminal is called anode and the other which is connected to the negative terminal of the battery is called cathode.Oxidation takes place at the anode and reduction takes place at the cathode.
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