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If i would find poor, hungry kitten on road i would try my best to help that kitten by providing some a good human being we all should help poor animals by someway or other.animals, too have feelings and we shouldn't be cruel to them.
instead, we should always help them in the little ways we i child i cannot do much about these but we should encourage the elders about is our duty to help them.the kitten or any other animal should not be ignored.we are the organism who have strength and brain.we are the only one who could help them.they are the humans only who have left them homeless and food-less.i would try to help that kitten by providing food but if i couldn't then i would tell any elder to help or anyone on whom i can rely.if i didn't get help then i will take the kitten to some safe place where it can find some food or else i will take it to my home and feed it..animals are important part of our society.not only the animals but the wild animals also.this is what i can do to help that cute kitten.
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it is asked for what are the needs to help, not how you will help
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