Hey 45 years old me
i miss my school days. the college days. the time i learnt driving. how time passes . i remember each and everything of my child hood as if it is yesterday's story. i remember my farewell and the fun moments with my friends during the same. i remember my struggle for the job. i was a juniour assistant and now i m the head of management. i remember when i learnt how to play a guitar when i was in 20's. my thurTEENth birthday is just indelible like a coffee stain on my whute shirt. cant be removed from my memory card. i remember thise bike rides. my first ammusement park visit. i was just so annoying that day. i was so scared of that not so scary roller coaster. how time passes. miss my childhood.

hope it helps
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Hey u can talk about what u liked when u were small wht evwr u miss bout yoir school days and wht ever u used to do and now it is done by ypirvhildren or what ever u like.