Music makes us feel relaxed as it has a rythm. there are different kinds of genres for different moods. like when u r in a fun mood u listen to healthy and happy songs. when u r sad u listen to emotional songs. that way we are relaxing our soul. meaning to say: when we listen to music; of whatever kind like for example emotional then human psychology diverts our mind and tells us that there are more people of the same kind or having the same feeling so we should not be bothered and just relax.

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Music makes us feel relaxed because it has a rhythm. It makes us feel better. When we are happy we listen to music, when we are sad we listen to music, whenever we want to enjoy we listen to music. Music rejuvenates the mind. When we are happy we listen to happy and cheerful songs, when we feel sad we listen to emotional songs like breakup songs etc. We listen to music and it makes us feel better. Music suits our feelings. We might not like watching TV or playing games because doing them doesn't makes us feel better but listening to music really makes us feel better. Whenever I am sad I listen to music it really makes me feel better. And whenever I am happy music makes me feel more happy. .....
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