Which is the best topic to write an essay-
1 Welfare of My Society Depends on My Well Being
2 The Functions and Importance of a Free Press in a Democratic Society
3 The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
4 A True Hero is a Unifying Force in a Diverse Society

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should we write the essay
no ! you just need to suggest me and clarify the meaning of the sentence/topic.
which is the easiest to study? :o
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The rights and responsibilities of citizens
1)tell about the rights that the citizen haveĀ 
the 6 fundamental rights
right to vote etc
2)as a citizen what we can do to our country
paying tax on time
if there is flood in any part of the country we can donate money
respect national anthem etc
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I think its better to write an essay on the topic- THE RIGHTS N RESPONSIBILITIES OF CITIZENS. HOPE I helped u.. PLZ MARK AS the BRAINLIEST answer...
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