Biosphere reserve: Large areas of protected land for conservation of wildlife,plant and animal resources and traditional life of the tribals living in that area. Wildlife sanctuary: Areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and to their habitat.
-Wildlife Sanctuaries is pretty much the same as a national park, except that you’ll find indigenous people inside and human activities are permitted. This falls under the Category 4 of the IUCN Classification.
-Biosphere Reserves are notified areas which cover a larger area of land which may cover multiple National Parks, Sanctuaries and reserves as well. Ex. the Nilgiri Biosphere covers: Bandipur NP, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Silent Valley NP, Wyanad WLS, Nagarhole NP, Mukurthi NP, Sathyramangalam WLS & Reserve Forest and is usually a contiguous area. it will also include all the buffer and tourism zones and offers protection to not only the wildlife and flora but to the indigenous people as well. Eg. Attapadi hill tribes. Another important thing to note is that some controlled economic activities will be permitted in these areas - like mining and farming etc. This is a Category 5 under IUCN.