1)by making movements against child abuse and sex abuse
2)conducting seminar about girl child is not a threat
3)if you find any child labour just complain it to police
4)if you find any child sitting at home without going to school convience their parents to send that child to school
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The role i can play is.......
1.i shall create awareness among people about
educating children.
2.if i see any child working at a place,i shall take
my part in complaining to an authority.
3.i shall try to educate a lot of children.
4.i shall keep some meetings to discuss how to
stop child labour.
5.i shall open a free school to poor children
as i know there are many children in this society
who are unable to pay government fees even and
going to work.

i shall try all possible ways which i can.pls mark as best if you like this.
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