Your friend has recently gifted a mobile phone he spends all his time playing games on it, ignoring his studies and his Friends. this is affecting your relationship. discuss with your partner how you could tell your Friend. what you feel and be what you could do to solve the situation



Playing a game is a part of life but not the life itself. Your life is dependent on what you know that is what you learn now and may not have an opportunity to learn again ever in your life time but once you complete your education then you do whatever no one even cares for that nowadays.
You should be able to know how to answer or reply to questions asked to you in future to settle down your life. But playing games does not encourage you to to cultivate the habits to respond. I know you should and can have a phone for yourself but at the cost of losing your friends. 
Playing games develops ignorance in you but if you really play the games in daily life that is physically then you will be fit n healthy and you will know how to respond and speak and interact with people but the if you play the same game on your phone then there are so many disadvantages like they may spoil your eyes and many many more of that kind to your body and you become slowly slowly un noticeable in the class with which your own real friends will not recognize you and think who are you cause they never spoke and slowly lost track of you.

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