GUTTATION.... Guttation is the process by which a plant loses exudats water from hydathodes.Guttation is caused by positive hydrostatic pressure which develops in the xylem cells of the root. Guttation helps the plant to cool its body and regulate its temperature.... 1. Water loss in the form of water drops 2. Occurs through hydathodes* 3. Usually occurs during night 4. Guttation water has many dissolved substances 5. It is an uncontrolled phenomenon 6. It occurs only in some plants like grasses, Colocasia, tomato etc 7. The hydathodes remain open whole day and night 8. It is not controlled by guard cells 9. Guttation takes place due to the development of root pressure (Hydathodes are special type of stomata called water stomata through which guttation takes place.) BLEEDING..... 1. Bleeding is the process by which plant loses its substances from the wound. 2. Latex and other exudates are collected from the wound caused in the plant body. 3. This process starts from cuts found in the plant,... 4. More cell sap comes out in this process.. 5. Hydathodes do not take part in this process..
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