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Peace is the most important thing for any country or people to be happy and if there are wars and destruction everywhere people cannot be happy as they will keep losing their loved ones , peace will not harm anyone and with the help of peace we can do things which is not possible with the help of harmful methods like wars etc

Peace is very costly but it is worth , we can do many things with help of peace and many misunderstandings and disputes between the countries can be solved with the help of peace but war just kills many of our soldiers and there will be mass destruction everywhere between those countries many people will have to lose their lives but peace will not harm any one it keeps everyone happy and no one will die if the disputes are solved with help of peace I agree that it is difficult to solve it with peace but at least we can make an attempt to solve them using peace 

We have one example of our leader Gandhi who using peace gave us freedom from British like that we have may examples even nelson Mandela solved many disputed with the help of peace 

But not everything can be solved sometimes with the help of peace sometimes it so happens that the countries or people still continue doing that but at one stage we need violence method but we should go for it only when peace does not work at all but peace is the best way to solve a problem