The poem 'The West Wind' by John Masefield, the poet starts by describing, with very poetic imagery of birds, how the west wind is different from other winds 'it's a warm wind, full of birds' cries.' There is a touch of melancholy, perhaps home-sickness as he describes how it brings tears too, and memories from an old land. He goes on to describe the restful, pastoral beauty of the land where even the dead can lie in the green. He then brings in voices,perhaps of family and friends, calling him home as he is missing April's beauty.The voices then tempt him some more with idyllic images from home (white blossom, young green corn,running rabbits,warm sun.) The voices seem to presume that the poet's heart is sorrowful, bruised and sore. The end of the poem sees the poet appear to make a decision. he will go home as he has decided that is where he truly belongs.