ITS A BOON .....Its the greatest invention on the earth not only children but also old people are also able to get answers to everything they want... it is like an answering machine ..we are able to explore new things and with just one click we are able to progress and it also help us connect with different people sitting in india we could talk to people sitting in other corner of the world we are able to get knowledge from these people and could also connect with our relative and could learn from their experiences also help us in studies children who could not understand some things at school their is new fashion of e learning by which they could study and their are so many e portal thes days like this and they could get help....children could also take a brake from their fast paced life and get entertained by playing games and via movies and songs it also helps bank and offices in some at the other official work with social networking sites we can be in contact with our long lasting friends...hence computer is a boon HOPE ITS HELPFUL...
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