Morgan- Hey! Today Alex and Ben have again scratched the Cupboard glass! I don't understand why are they so mischievous and I'm fed up telling them not to do so.

Elza- Oh,I know why they do that.Just to have fun and get attention and to show that they are so daring that despite repeated warnings from the monitor they are still breaking the furnitures of class.

Morgan- This is the main problem of the children now-a-days.They write disgraceful things on the benches and destroy and fidget the classroom furniture just for the sake of fun.
Elza- This basically destroys the class environment and influences other students to participate in such fun.

Morgan- I don't understand what to do! Ma'am have asked me to get the situation solved soon.
Elza- Well, what we can do is simply talk to them and warn them not to do so further.We shall tell them that school is like their home and destroying or harming their home's furniture is really bad.And it's school property, if they harm it they have to pay its amount to the school.

Morgan- That's a nice idea! But if they don't listen to us?

Elza- Simple! We will talk with ma'am about this and she will take care of it.I think after getting scolded from Supervisor they will never repeat it again.

Morgan- Okay, Thanks for your valuable suggestions, I'll talk with them.Goodbye!