Landless farmer means the farmer who have no farmland they work on others means rich farmers land and the rich farmer are those who have many farm land and he have many workers to work on his lands.
The poor farmers work on his farm using with his old methods like natural fertilizers,old tool cow to rear land and on the other hand the rich farmers use new methods for farming like chemical fertilizer truck tors new advanced tools etc.
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life of poor landless farmers are miserable. They totally depends on bio manures and bio pesticides . They suffer a lot if they have to face drought or loss in yield. They cultivate by taking land on lease and they have to face this burden

But the rich farmers are having hectares of fields for cultivation. They follow modern methods of cultivation. "Loss " is a word which is absent in their dictionary. They yields a lot by using chemical pesticides and fertilizers above the allowed units. But they are unaware of what actually are they doing. They destroys the natural fertility of the soil