I will ask somebody to help the cat in that situation.

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Once,when i was going to my school,I saw a kitten badly hurt.It needs a medical attention and i don't want to be late for school because it's the exam week.People around it doesn't seem to be helping and i really wanted to help that dear kitten.What did i do was ,I took the animal to my home back.My mother was surprised to see me back.I told her what had happened.she helped me to cure and heal the kitty.I looked after it whole day.I did not even got to school!After that,a idea flashed into my mind,To keep the kitty as my pet!hooray,I don't want anymore virtual pets!My mom supported me and we named the kitty Christopher as it is the name of my virtual pet.

Next day,I was really frightened cause I did not write my previous day's exam!When I got into the class,My teacher had a happy face.It calmed me down a bit.After that he stood up and told everyone to clap.He told to me "You are marvelous little (boy/girl).I appreciate you.I saw you take the kitty to your home to heal it.You showed kindness to the kitty.I grant you full mark to the previous day's exam!".Oh my God!I couldn't believe!Teacher told to everyone in the class to have a rolemodel like me!

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