As a citizen of India we would be having many duties like respecting the people of India and even helping the poor who are in need. the citizens of our nation have to respect their nation and its national anthem. they have to give respect to-wards the animals and even our culture and the traditions. the citizens have to follow the constituency and its rules and regulations which a must thing for every citizen. the citizens have to conserve its rich heritage so that the future generations can know it. they have to see through that they are following all the rules and if any one it crossing it then they have to take the incentive and see that they are also following the rules. the citizens should that all the acts that are implemented by the parliament are followed by them regularly. these are some of the duties of that you have to follow.
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Being a citizen of India,we have many fundamental
duties.some of them are..........
respecting others in the society.
asking government about the wrong done by them.
etc.these are not rights but also follow these
duties every person should be responsible.
the true citizen has the duty to keep the country clean.
it starts with cleaning the street they live.every one
should know their fundamental duties as a citizen.
if everybody follows this,the country soon develops.
another important thing is,every citizen thinks that
he/she has to go America after he grows up.but
none thinks he has to make India is lacking
in the minds of people.this should be avoided in the mind
of a good citizen.

hope this is helpful........pls mark as best
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