your friend has weak eyesight he is unable to see the writing on the board but refuses
to wear his glasses as a result he is not able to do well in his class assignment discuss with your partner. How would you encourage him to wear glasses and. What you would say to convince him conveyance



(a) I would encourage my friend to wear the glasses by telling him/her the side effects of not wearing it.
(b) I would ask him/her to wear the glasses everyday which would help him/her in proper vision and I would motivate my friend by telling him/her about the advantages of wearing it.

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I have a friend like this in my class.she doesn't wear glasses cause her mother doesn't believe she has a weak eyesight.So ,I used to help her in all the ways I could.I will give my notes to her to copy.I read to her and explain what the teacher tells and so on.I also encourages her to wear glasses and tell her the advantages and disadvantages of Her wearing the glasses and when she Dont wear it.
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