Welfare of society depends on y well being

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first if we take this question in economic sphere it is certainly correct because in micro economics the individual developments leads to development of society..so here it is correct,,if we come to physical and social sphere we can said that welfare of society depends on welfare of individual as it is monotonically increases the functioning op latter,,,,society is nothing but the group of individuals,,,so there is question of developing society in any other form with out developing of individua


Welfare of me, first let us concentrate in this, what actually, do you understand when your are suddenly told this- welfare of me. It actually has a so many meanings which can be thought of like physical well being or social well being but it is the social well being that affects or plays an important role in the society around you.
Now, what does social well being mean it means not to commit any crimes or create any nuisance to the public not not only public but also your kith and kin if you create problems to them also then also it is equal to not having social well being.
If I am well and healthy then only the society around me will respect me and take good care of me but if i create a big drama everyday by beating small children or screaming on top of voice and even if I scold my parents that is also equal to not having social well being.
Only when I am good and correct in my place then only the society around me is happy and safe without any disturbances from my side. Then only I look after the welfare of the society around me.
This is welfare of the society around me to the welfare of me.
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