Science is the foundation of a rational society. The sciences have contributed more than any other construct or concept to a better understanding of human behavior, history, and it provides the keys to our future. The birth and understanding of Rationalism helped us stop thinking in terms of minute scales with preconceptions based off myths and hearsay. Because of the sciences we're far more intelligent than ever before. Even the most uneducated today have at their disposal the tools and information of generations of reason and empirical thought.

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so you`re having great knowledge about science
Science has been becoming the hope for future generations since our holds key in future when there is no bulb in is the hope when there is no medicine for chicken pox or polio or even recent developments like medicine for ebola,,,science is the hope when there is no option to reach moon,,only we just see and njyed it,,,there is no question of questioning in brainly when there is no developments in science,,,it has been  showing us many ways for developments...but it is at the same time distracting us when it developed in diff forms and leading to climate change,,clearing forests in the name of developments,,, we have to maintain balance between nature and science,,,otherwise what makes us happy would make us feel sympathetic for giving more importance it