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Women Empowerment in India:

India is the country of various cultures and traditions where the status of women has been changing with the passage of time. Now, women are not less than the men because they are not limited to the kitchen. They have now come out as more energetic and hardworking. Women empowerment is stated by the fact that they have the ability to exercise full control over one’s actions. 
Education is the foundation upon which any change is built. Learning helps women to help themselves and break the shackles of exclusion. Nowhere is this more essential than in the developing world. There is an African adage that goes ' If u educate a boy, u train a man. If u educate a girl, u train a village'. 
Emancipation and empowerment of women is of prime importance in every society. In our country. We hav achieved partial success. On educating a girl we can achieve a full success in every